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My Top 5 Tips For Success In The Kitchen

Being a professional chef for over a decade has meant I've picked up some tips along the way, which are not only useful in the trade, but also very helpful for success in your home kitchen.

Here are my 5 favourites:

1. Having a good set of knives (the best you can afford) can transform your skills in the kitchen. No one can chop well with a blunt knife so make sure you are always using sharp knives - you'll be much more efficient.

2. Preparation is key. Have your vegetables cut, ingredients weighed and sauces made before you start cooking.

3. Always taste as you go.

4. Clean as you go. It may seem like it's taking longer but you'll be so grateful when you've finished your meal not to have a huge pile of washing to be faced with!

5. After handling garlic, rub your hands on something stainless steel before washing. Try it on the side of your sink. It will remove the odour effectively and without the need for harsh chemicals.


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